About Us

Welcome to The Ridge, our suburban Utah farm!

About the residents:

Sprout - 13 year old Boy Scout, Senior Silver Swim team member, Beginner Irish Dancer. Loves fishing and video games.

Panda - 11 year old Novice Irish Dancer, 5A swim lesson taker, future Chef. Loves baking and fashion.

Lulu - 9 year old Novice Irish Dancer, 3B swim lesson taker, and friend to all. Loves stuffed animals, especially cats, and playing Animal Jam!

Mark - Dad, newly employed in the oil industry, and therefore rarely at home. Loves hiking, Scottish Heavy games, and all things celtic. Prefers to wear a kilt.

Tracy - Mom, part-time employee in a scrap-metal yard, chief, cook and bottle-washer. Loves Irish Dance, swimming, cooking and reading. Not necessarily in that order.