Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bombshell, tonight (ala Nancy Grace)

My husband informs me tonight: "I might have to go to work in Wyoming."

"What's a few weeks apart," I say, "as long as you are employed."

"Umm... it'll be a 1 year commitment and I'll have to be living up there", he says. "You and the kids can come up and visit me on the weekends."

"(cricket, cricket...silence)". I say nothing as I stare at him in disbelief.

Well, having to live apart is better than having him unemployed, I suppose. . Why can't life just be easier than this?


Barney Family said...

Is it wrong for me to wonder which is worse: having a husband that doesn't leave the house for months, or having one that won't be there for months?? Sorry for your bombshell!! Sounds like he's really going to owe you that week at the spa!

Semi-Organized Mom said...

Omgosh! I really need to read your blog more, or shut my mouth and let you speak when we're together every week! Any news on the job issue yet?

Heather Ann said...

How have I never noticed your blog before?!? I'm gonna have to come back and read every post! (I'll be your personal stocker, hehe ^_^)

Did he take the job? I've had to deal with my hubby being gone for days or even a couple of weeks at a time, but a year? Sounds tough!

Cherish said...

:( That's horrible! I know other people who are dealing with the same thing and that's just got to suck!