Thursday, June 4, 2009

crick in the neck

I have been suffering with a "crick in the neck." Granted, I did it to myself because I fell asleep on the sofa, using the armrest as a pillow, and well, quite frankly, was asking for trouble.
You know what I thought would be funny, is to type in crick in the neck and google it. Little did I know that it's practically a medical term! Not really, but EVERYONE calls it a crick in the neck! Not only that, but treatment for a "crick" is controversial.
I've discovered that it's considered to be
a) muscle spasm
b) arthritis
c) sprained neck ligament
d) pinched nerve
So one doctor says to stretch and massage, another says to ice, isolate and rest, a third suggests cortizone shots and muscle relaxers.

They ALL claim that the other "treatments" won't help! Geez, Louise! So, I'll just keep icing my neck, because that's what I think will help it. Maybe a muscle relaxer just to help me sleep. :) Oh, but most importantly, I think I'll sleep in bed now so I don't wrench my neck while sleeping again. I just saved myself a trip to the doctor (and therefore $80!)

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