Tuesday, June 2, 2009

when Irish eyes are smiling

Lulu's Irish eyes are smiling!! We went to see Dr. Hoffman at Primary Children's Medical Center today, and we got GREAT NEWS! Her bilateral eye muscles are continuing to improve, and she didn't need a new eyeglass prescription! The doctor says she is "straddling the fence" and has good control with her eyes, and they seem to be working together. It has been a long road of eye problems, having originally seen the doctor when she was 3 months old. Even when she has her glasses off now, they don't cross! It brings tears to my eyes.
I am so grateful to live in a time when these things can be repaired. 50 years ago there was no way to save her eyesight, and she would have gone blind in one, if not both, her eyes. Praise the Lord for medical advances. My Irish eyes are smiling too!

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