Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jason Mraz is my new boyfriend

Mark and I went to the Jason Mraz concert on Tuesday. It was the best concert I have EVER been to. Granted, I have not been to many, but for me it was heavenly. Jason is a fabulous performer. The concert was interactive. He really shared with the audience, he sings with real emotion and you can feel it. You feel connected to him. Okay, maybe not everyone does, but I did.
Now I am in love with him. He is mine. Mine. Mine. If I had stalker tendencies, he would be in real trouble. Or if I weren't married, or way older than him. And he is so healthy, and I'm a chemical imbiber. I like my preservatives and convenience foods. A girl can dream. (If I were younger, thinner, a health nut, had friends in the music industry so I could MEET him, etc.. Or maybe if he were older, fatter, unhealthy and lived in Utah).
A dream is a wish your heart makes....

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