Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I'm addicted to caffeine.
Well, Pepsi. Not in all it's varieties, however. I am a tradtionalist. Regular, fully loaded with sugar is the thing for me.
You'd think I'd know better.
My children did an experiment at school. They soaked an hard boiled egg, with the shell on, in a cup of Pepsi overnight. In the morning, it was all brown and gross looking.
Apparantly, this is what happens to your teeth over time if you drink too much soda-pop. Nice. This doesn't motivate me at all. I just like Pepsi too much to care about my teeth. Or my bones. Apparantly caffeine drains calcium out of your bones.
I guess I don't care enough about my bones to stop.
I've tried to quit. I've been successful, for up to 1 year at a time. However, I always return to my guilty pleasure. I don't share with anyone! It's mine. I go to great lengths to keep it hidden. It is a treasure beyond compare for me!
As I sat sipping a tall cold glass with crushed ice, watching the history channel with my husband, I was fascinated with the stories of lost Spanish gold. One of the greatest treasures of the world is yet to be found, or so they say. That night as we were going to bed, my husband peeked under the bed. (I freeze. It's my stash)

What is this? He asks me.
I smile and simply say "Spanish gold."

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