Thursday, June 14, 2007

Exhaustion sets in......

Exhaustion. Long week. It's Thursday. One more day until the weekend. Will I make it?
I want to play hookey tomorrow sooooo bad!!
There I sit, in an air-conditioned office, with a beautiful view of the Salt Lake Valley, and wish that I could air-condition the ENTIRE outdoors. Or at least the little bubble around me!! Then I could be outside all the time! You know if my employer would supply me with a laptop computer and a cell phone (yeah, I've got my own)I could sit outside and do the work. Perhaps I would get too distracted. That wouldn't be good. Actually, I know I'd be distracted. I'd be watching all the little squirrels run around.
Hmmm. Maybe I could set up a squirrel feeder outside my office window, and watch them fight and chase each other. That'd probably distract me too. I mean, do you want to look at the computer screen, or little brown fuzzies?
That reminds me of when we were living in a teeny little apartment in Indiana. My husband, my 3 kids, me, 1 dog, and 1 cat. The squirrels were EVERYWHERE! They were constantly outside our front door. The kids laughed at one and named him "Stubby the Guinea Pig" because the poor little critter had lost his tail. And he was fat. And our cat liked to chase him. The cat, her name was Mrs. Nesbitt, killed some of Stubby's friends.
These poor little creatures are not blessed with large brains, and it always ends in their demise.
It was summer, a cool summer night. As we sat outside on our porch, and chatted with the neighbors, we heard a huge explosion! It was like KABLAAM!! NUCULOID WAR! So all of us went tearing into the backyard, and there was a squirrel on the ground. Stiff as a board. We looked up and saw he ate through some electrical wire. That's when we realized our power was out.
Do you know what summer in Indiana is like? Heat. Humidity. Corn Beetles. No power means no air conditioning. Once again this has me wishing for the ability to air-condition the whole outdoors, or at least the bubble around ME!!

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