Thursday, June 21, 2007


Today it is so very hot!
My favorite ways to stay cool in the heat:

1. Eating a Big Stick popsicle. mmmm mmmm good
2. Putting my feet in a bucket of cold water. How refreshing. As the feet go, so goes the rest of the body.
3. Sitting in the shade watching a baseball game, and drinking a cold refreshing beverage. Most likely Pepsi or water.
4. Going to Raging Waters, because the water is always so cold, it hurts! (At least the one in Utah!)
5. Shopping inside an air-conditioned store. Or mall. Not those crazy outdoor malls they've got going in everywhere! Crazy! Hot in the summer, freezing in the winter, sounds like year round misery to me.
6. Going to the movie theater. You'll want to bring a sweater, because it's fabulously cold.
7. Driving in my car with the air-conditioner full blast and some good old John Denver on the radio, or CD, or MP3 player.
8. Sticky, drippy snow-cones at the temporary snow-cone shack, at sunset.
9. Driving up Little Cottonwood Canyon, high in altitude, where the air is cool and sweet.
10. In my home, in my pajamas, air-conditioning on, tall glass of cold water with CRUSHED ice, watching old movies. My favorite is "Rebecca", an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

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