Monday, June 11, 2007

Somedays I just HATE!

Okay, so I have a tiny little storage closet for an office, with stuff stored everywhere so I can hardly move around. My co-worker however has an office about 3 times larger, and tons of work space etc. So, occassionally I have to do some work in her office because it's bigger.

So, last Friday, I left out ONE piece of paper on her desk and I didn't put the chair back so that it was completely under the table, it was out about an inch. (Okay, it was FRIDAY, I totally wanted to get outta there, for hell's sake!)

So, anyway, she sends me this email that says she tries to keep her office clean and tidy, completely inferring that my office is a mess. (well, duh! it's a storage closet with a desk. It's always a mess because no one ever puts things back where they belong in my office, but I digress)She also said that when I leave things all over (remember one piece of paper!) it is very frustrating, and she's tired of cleaning up after me, and that in the future I should clean up after myself, because she had to throw away ONE PIECE OF PAPER, and push a chair in one inch.

Some people are soooooo picky. I think she has OCD. Who else is so obsessive except for Monk????????

I just want to sneak over to the office tonight and set out a pencil on her desk. I left before her, and she won't know who did it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (that's my evil laugh)

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