Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sept 22- so close and yet so far away

I am so very excited (jumping up and down!) that the next book in the Outlander series is coming out Sept 22, 2009! (jumping up and down!) Just to make sure that I am ready for it...I have started the series all over again. I get so happy just thinking about it that I start jumping up and down.
Thanks, Erika, for introducing me to these books. I just don't know what Mark and I would talk about without them...
Which reminds me. I missed the feast of beltane this year. It was yesterday. What was I thinking????

You can check it all out for yourself:
Diana Gabladon

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Barney Family said...

Yup, I'm preordering the book on Amazon!! I'll call you periodically as I read it that first day and we can jump up and down together...but, I think you're a faster reader than me. No spoilers!