Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fat Tuesday

After our trip to Disneyland and looking at the photos, I have been forced to confront something about myself I've been trying to avoid.
I am fat.
I am not overweight, I do not just have extra preganancy weight. I am a bonfide non-exercising, over-eating fat person.
I need to deal with this issue. I know I eat when I'm bored, lonely, sad, happy, nervous... for any reason. I recognize I eat for emotional reasons. I assume my depression doesn't help in this issue, but I need to stop using it as my excuse. Both my parents have type II diabetes, I have high-blood pressure (and probably high cholesterol, but I refuse to go in and take that test from the doctor.) I am a ticking time-bomb.
So, I've decided that this will be my regular Tuesday feature. I call it Fat Tuesday because
a)that's funny to me and
b)it will be easier for me to remember.

I intend to discuss some of my emotional over-eating issues, confront myself about my laziness, and refer to information that I have found that hopefully will help me in my quest to improve my health.
I hope to find some form of exercise that is entertaining and interesting for me that I can do even with plantar fasciitis.
I hope to find a way to overcome my nighttime eating problem.
I hope that I will stick on this path until I find the health and happiness I am seeking.

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Barney Family said...

More power to ya! Notice how I haven't called again to try and figure out a way we could work out together? I hate how you work so hard to get mentally ready to do something, and then you get sick, and then you just want ice-cream....