Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another day, another cupboard

Okay, so I figure it's time to get cracking on another cupboard. So, here's my before picture. (See, Erika, I do have messy cupboards!)

I spent my 10 minutes cleaning it out. Okay, I'll be honest this one took more like 12 minutes, because the timer went off and I wasn't quite done putting everything back. This is the end result of this cupboard:

Granted, this isn't as dramatic a change, but I DID manage to find all my measuring cups. I didn't know I had so many, but the benefit of having lost them all is that the kids do know that if you use 1/4 measuring cup 3x it does equal 3/4 cup! That is progress! I did find that I had two cheese graters. WHY?? I don't even buy block cheese, I buy it already grated!
I know you are dying to know whether or not I've managed to keep the other cupboard organized, so I took a picture of it. Keep in mind Sawyer is in charge of emptying the dishwasher:

Not bad! You'll notice all the bowls are together, all the plates are together, and all the cups are together. Perhaps not as neatly as I would have done it, but beggars (or mothers) can't be too choosy. At 2 cupboards a week, I am on a roll, baby!

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Barney Family said...

That's awesome! Really, 20 years ago I would have never believed I could be excited by clean cupboards. Nowadays, they can really rock my world.