Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring has sprung!

What a glorious spring day it is!
I have thrown open the windows and embraced the sunshine. Goodbye, dark clouds of gloom that bring the snow and the cold and the depression. So far today has been a good day. Such a change from the days just prior to this one that kept me cold and asleep and lonely.
We got back our Panda's IEP information, and it's good to know that she's not too far behind in math, but they are going to give her some added support anyway. What a joy. Now, the decision whether or not to homeschool this sweet child looms. She wants to be homeschooled, but we are concerned about her being bored, because when Panda gets bored, Panda gets curious, and when Panda gets curious, Panda finds trouble. (I'm thinking this could be a book....)

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