Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter :)

Dying eggs, the arrival of the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy on the same night, new dresses for church, egg hunts with the cousins, dinner with Grandma...what a busy weekend we had. I don't generally spend much time with the extended family, it's just not our thing, nor their thing either. It is nice however when we all get together and enjoy each other's company. We don't get sick of each other, and can genuinely appreciate the time we do have because we don't have expectations. I really hate it when people have unexpressed expectations and think you should be able to read their minds. I am frustrated when people try to change you into what they think you should be. Can't we all just live and let live? I love that about my family. They accept you for what you are and what you can offer. Sure, they might hope for better things or different things in your life, but they take you at face value and don't try to change you. That's what family is to me. A place to love and be loved. We are all strange in our own ways, but we are what we are. I may whine and complain about them, but ultimately I know my family loves me the best way they can, and that means all the world to me.

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