Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Depression rears it's ugly head

It's been a while since I've had a "depressive episode." A day when all I want to do is sleep and eat and cry. It's about time I had one, isn't it? Well, guess what? I am! I have slept all day long, having woken up only to feed and clothe my children and drive them to school. I have slept since I got home, and all I want to do is take something to make me sleep even more.
What is particularly disconcerting to me is that I have all the safety nets in place to keep from having this episode. I have something to look forward to later in the day even, but I can't seem to shake it. That's when I know it's real. I can't reason myself out of my bad mood. My house is a mess. An absolute mess, and the clutter is draining me even more. I can't even set the timer for 15 minutes, Flylady! Blubber*sniff*cry.

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Heather Ann said...

Oh, you are a fellow flybaby! Ya, sometimes I can't even do 15 min.